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about Cheryl Mills

Hello and welcome to the website! My goal is excellence in longarm quilting. I am excited to be quilting full time again. Ever since I was a child I have loved sewing.  I have been a professional longarm machine quilter since 2001. My quilting is done with freehand designs on a Gammill Classic longarm machine. Since becoming a longarm quilter I have taken classes at major quilt shows with some of the most renown longarm instructors in the industry, such as Karen McTavish, Donita Reeves, Sally Terry, and Pam Clarke. I also teach quilting classes at Brunswick Community College. I love to quilt antique tops as well. Because I know all the work and expense of piecing or appliqueing a quilt top, I can assure you that I will do my utmost to enhance your quilt.​ My studio is clean, pet and smoke - free.  Please feel free to call or email and we will discuss your quilt.
Cheryl Mills, Professional Quilter in Ocean Isle Beach NC

Quilting services

Quilting - My designs are done freehand and customized for your quilt. My heirloom designs consist of a combination of scrollwork, feathers, swirls, flowers, echo and fillers. I custom quilt to fit your borders, and dense quilting creates texture and motion. I quilt each quilt as if it were mine. I understand the love, work and expense that went into your quilt.

How much do you charge?- That's a question I am frequently asked and it is hard to give you a quick answer. Many variables, including the size of your quilt and the complexity of your quilting design, determine the price. I have a 14-foot frame, the longest that Gammil makes, but it takes more time and work to mount an oversize king on the machine. If the quilt is over 110x 110, there will be an extra charge of $25. Most quilting treatments range from $0.03 to $0.07 per square inch.  For instance, a 60 x 60 throw-size quilt done with very simple all over quilting:

60 x 60 = 3600 square inches3600 x  (simple) .03 cent per square inch- approximately $108.00 Call me today to discuss your quilt!

- Binding services are done professionally and are show quality; you can't tell where the binding begins or ends. The binding can be hand sewn down on the back of the quilt (which is the most popular method), or machine sewn, which attaches the front binding front and back at the same time. There is some difference in price. Or, you can choose to sew the back of the binding down yourself! There is nothing wrong with either choice!

Batting - I carry Quilter's Dream batting and wide backing at very low prices, so consider buying from LCQ to save money. I carry only the best of thread, fabric and batting.

Quilting Classes at
Brunswick Community College

Cheryl Mills teaches quilting and fabric arts classes at Brunswick Community College
I teach quilting classes at Brunswick Community College's campus in Southport, NC.  The classes are for the experienced as well as beginners. We do piecing, applique, collage, and machine quilting as well as finishing the quilt, and we have a great time doing it!
Click Here to Register for Classes Online!

Preparing Your Quilt

1. Please clip all threads on top side of quilt. As for the back of the quilt top, be sure that if the background is white or very light, that you clip away all stray dark threads that may show through. Also, make sure your seams are pressed well to one side or pressed open.

2. Remove all pet hair, dirt, dust or musty smells from your quilt top.

3. Your backing fabric MUST be 6" larger than your top all the way around to make it possible for me to mount your quilt on the frame.

4. I have a 14-foot frame, the longest that Gammil makes, but it takes more time and work to mount an oversize king on the machine. If the quilt is over 110x 110, there will be an extra charge of $25.

5. Do not apply embellishments to the quilt until all quilting is done.

6. If you have pin basted or thread basted the 3 layers of the quilt together, you must remove all basting thread and pins.

7. If you prefer, you can bring or ship just the quilt top. I have batting for sale, Quilters Dream 80/20 blend, which holds its shape well and works for just about any quilt. Or I can order other types of batting - wool, bamboo, 100% cotton , polyester, black batting, etc. I have only 4 or 5 ft wide backing fabrics to choose from.

8. If you piece your backing, make sure it is big enough and that it is square and lays flat.

9. Please remember that if I need to do any of these things for you, I don't mind, but I will have to charge for labor at $25/hour. 10. If you want me to shop for you online, the shopping charge is $15. At a quilt shop, the shopping charge is a flat $30
"Thank you, Cheryl, for your creativity and love of quilting! Your designs make me happy and I am proud to share my work with friends and family. " - Donna W.
"Thank you for finishing it so quickly when I know you are so busy. You are so good at quilting. I always love your work." - Danielle L.
"I just picked up my quilt. It is truly a work of art. Cheryl is an amazing seamstress and a credit to her profession." Carol E.


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